"Son of The Night"
Ibn El Leil is the 4th studio album of Lebanese indie group Mashrou’ Leila. The title song “Ibn El Leil” literally means “Son Of The Night”, a reference to Beirut’s vibrant night culture. Night culture in some hidden spots in Beirut has become a space liberated from the judgmental conservative rhetoric of Lebanese society, especially for repressed minorities like Women and the LGBTQ community.
The visual direction celebrates “The Night” as a cult with a liberating religious experience and an inclusive message: The Night Accepts Everyone. 
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Created at Leo Burnett Beirut in 2015.
Executive Creative Director - Areej Mahmoud
Creative Director - Davina Atallah
Art Director - Nadia Deghayli
Art Director - Philippe Gabayene
Arabic Calligraphy - Ghaleb Hawila
God of the Night 3D Modeling - Michele Durazzi
2D Illustrator - Fouad Mezher
Director (Barbican Concert) - Amin Dora 
Concert Video Jockey - Gaby Ferneine 
Director (Underground Party)- Noel Paul
Collaborating Artists include Chady Younes,
Lana Daher, Bernard Khoury, Anna Ogden Smith, Caustic, David Habchi, and others.
The Deity
“The Son Of The Night” inspired a deity, the god of the night: a Greek god hidden behind a Hyena mask. The typographic logo of the album is inspired by Islamic religious calligraphy.
The visual direction borrows from Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Greek arts, Islamic arts, and constellation maps created by Arab 8-10th century astronomers, all in pink and teal.
Live from Beirut
For the album launch premiere in The Barbican London, 15 selected artists interpreted their vision of Beirut’s night culture. Their videos were VJ’ed to the live performance.
At the peak of the concert, the screen behind the band switched to a live feed from an underground party in Beirut. Transmitted live on Lebanese cable television, the concert was a rare moment where the discreet night culture was revealed on mass media.
Sample of video collaborations by Lebanese artists, VJ'd to live music throughout the tour. 
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