The Country's Corner Shop. Everything is for sale,  even you.
Corruption is old news in a country like Lebanon. Even large scale scandals won't make it to the headlines, because sadly, every citizen is a regular participant. The bureaucratic system cannot function without bribes, and with a black market ruling all public institutions, it becomes impossible to gather data about corruption. This campaign had a simple, achievable objective, which is the main reason why it demonstrated results: Collect data on corruption in Lebanon, in order to have the tools to pressure the government.   
We wanted the citizens, who pay bribes or witness corruption, to be able to secretly report them. First we had to grab their attention, then we needed to create a tool that allows them to safely report. 
The Shop (Dekkene) is a grocery store that sells everything from fake ID cards to diplomas, certificates, and voters. Unlike the undercover nature of corruption, "The Shop" had a marketing campaign, a physical store, and salespeople. It was so outrageous that the media was listening again. And once the citizens were engaged, we released an app and a microsite that allows reporting and releases data. 
The data allowed the activists of Sakker El Dekkene to zoom in on the most corrupt institutions with more thorough research and to lobby with officials. 
Cannes Lions - Media Lion Gold - GrandPrix for Good Shortlist - Branded Content Shortlist
Clio Awards - Integrated Campaign Bronze
Golden Drum - PR Gold - Events Silver
Dubai Lynx - Design Gold - Branded Content 2 Golds & 1 Silver - Direct Silver - Media Silver - 4 Bronze (integrated, media, Promo & Activation, Outdoor)
Cristal Festival, France - Branded Entertainment Grand Prix 
This campaign was created with the team 
at Leo Burnett Beirut in 2015.
Regional Executive Creative Director - Malek Ghorayeb
Executive Creative Director - Areej Mahmoud
Senior Planner - Youmna Asmar
Digital Director - Samer Shoueiry
PR Director - Jo Chemali
Senior Art Director - Joseph Abi Saab
Film Director - Wissam Smayra
Produced by - Clandestino 
Report Corruption.
Visit the website or download the app from the Apple & Android stores.
These posters are inspired from the DIY graphics of popular stores to promote the illegal services of "The Shop" - Al Dekkenge
Slide right to see English versions. 
The results of the campaign relied on a grass roots effort led by the 
activists of Sakker El Dekkene. This was the first time any data about corruption could be gathered in Lebanon.
Watch the full case study of the campaign here. 
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