The Original Story, a relic from Ksara's past
Sometimes, finding a story is more valuable than inventing one. Ksara's history holds one of the most compelling stories that a brand can own, but when I started working on Ksara, the story had not found its way into the identity and the communication of the brand. 
In 1857 a Jesuit missionary founded a monastery in Ksara and began to produce wine. To the surprise of the settling Jesuits, they discovered a system of man made caves and hundreds of Roman Amphoras under their estate, with traces of Rome-old wine. The discovery proved that wine was being produced in the estate thousands of years before the Jesuits arrived. The caves' temperature is much cooler than the surface, and so they continue to store Ksara's wine to this day, continuing the Roman tradition. The story was begging to be told. This is the Original Story of winemaking in the Middle East. 
The website below is an interactive diary of a Jesuit monk living in Ksara in the late 1800's. Based on oral history and found artifacts, it takes the viewer back in time to when the caves were discovered. The site was furnished with audiovisual content and gave the viewers the chance to recreate and share their own version of the story. 
Cannes Lions - Design (Brand Identity) Silver
Dubai Lynx - Film Craft Silver - Integrated Led By Interactive Silver - Interactive Silver - 
MENA Cristal Awards - 3 Grand Prix - 5 Gold - 1 Silver - 2 Bronze
This body of work was created with the team of 
Leo Burnett Beirut.
Executive Creative Director - Areej Mahmoud
Creative Director - Caroline Farra
Creative Director - Davina Atallah
Art Director - Bernard Hajj
Art Director - Christina Salibi
Art Director - Marya Ghazzaoui 
Art Director - Salim Azzam 
With the creative support of Malek Ghorayeb (RECD) and Bechara Mouzannar (CCO) and the rest of the Leo Burnett Beirut strategy and brand teams.
Film Director - Chady Younes
Produced by - Clandestino 
Illustrations / Lettering - 
Based on oral history, different versions exist about the discovery of the Ksara caves. Here are three versions that became short films. 
A contemporary identity for a 3000 year old estate. 
The identity uplift for Chateau Ksara was based on elements from "Original Story", the setting, the landscape, the elements of the terrain, the wildlife,
the Roman artifacts, and the tools that the Jesuits used to make wine. This gave the identity the ability to be versatile and surprising while staying coherent.
Typeface design, stationary, packaging, and an informative website inspired from the 3000 year old heritage of Ksara.
This case study reveals how the typeface was designed based on Ksara's Original Story.
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